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Tyrone F. Muhammad is an Author, Mentor, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Social Change Advocate. After serving 20 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections, Tyrone hit the ground running, turning his pain and passion into purpose by founding ECCSC, an organization committed to helping ex-offenders become productive members of society. Tyrone believes we must be the change we want to see in our society, and he embodies this by being a positive, successful role models that young people can emulate through a process of job training and entrepreneurial exposure. He believes the best way to reach the youth is by showing them – not by lecturing them.

His book, “Men on the Inside”, has been a resource in several college law, sociology and criminology curriculums. His radio show, “The Frontline Show” on, supplements his works as an author by connecting to the community in real-time. Tyrone is constantly addressing the inequity in the Cannabis Industry through protest, demonstrations, panel discussions and the dissemination of information to the public. His brand, “Support Your Local Weed Man” makes this information available to those directly affected by the war on drugs.

ECCSC’s partnerships with City Colleges of Chicago translates this information into tangible, practical applications that allow individuals to gain valuable skills in the Cannabis Industry. Tyrone epitomizes productive re-entry into society through his many entrepreneurial endeavors, including creating companies within the Cannabis Industry, in security, renovation & property maintenance, staffing leading to viable employment and providing ex-cons with the tools to do the same.

Tyrone believes he and other ex-offenders are the most qualified individuals to guide this generation of boys and men whom society has deemed irreconcilable. His tenacity to go into neighborhood trenches and trap houses alike – without judgement – separates him from other Social Change Advocates working towards similar goals.

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